Nominations 2019

These are your Nominationees for 2019

Candidate for President

Bill Bacon

When I was growing up in Whitevillle my parents would sometimes bring my little sister and me to Ocean Drive or Cherry Grove for a day and we would picnic on the beach.

When I was older and could drive, I would try to come down nearly every Friday and Saturday night in the summer to go to Sonny’s Pavilion where Motos is now, and sometimes to the Pad, the Barrel, and the Pavilion at Ocean Drive. Back then the area would just about shut down from Labor Day until Easter. I remember asking my Mother “Why can’t we move here?” and she told me that it was because Daddy’s job wasn’t here!

But even back then, before Ocean Drive joined Cherry Grove, Crescent Beach, and Windy Hill to form North Myrtle Beach, I knew that I would live here one day and now I do! Back then it was the beach, the Pavilion, rides and games that made it special. Now it is our friends, neighbors and the O.D. Shag Club members that make O.D. and North Myrtle Beach special. My wife, Joan and I bought a condo in Cherry Grove in 1999. We sold that and in 200~ built the house we live in now.

We joined the o. D. Shag Club shortly thereafter and have been members ever since!

I have been on the Board of the O.D. Shag Club for a two year stint and have helped with many other endeavors including the Oyster Roast and other dinners and events. I was co-chairman of the Clean Sweep Committee, chairman of the Cruise to Nowhere and chairman of the Bus to Somewhere Committees to name a few things I have helped with. Of course, I probably couldn’t have done as much without the help and support of my beautiful wife, Joan!

Thank you for your vote and support for President of the O.D. Shag Club. I hope to help keep the O.D. Shag Club a vibrant club that serves its members and community!


Candidate for Vice President

Powell, Billy

 Billy Powell

I am very pleased and honored to have been asked by the Nominating Committee to run for Vice-President of the OD Shag Club. 

We have participated in every parade since moving here in 2012.  We have also helped with Ways & Means by selling 50/50 tickets, manning the booths for merchandise sales and golf cart tickets.  I have also worked at the Golf Tournament each year.  We take pride in being active members and attend and participate in as many ODSC events as possible.  I have worked the Charity Fun Run for the last two years and all the Clean Sweeps since we joined in 2012.

I have served as Parade Chairman in 2015, 2017 and 2018.  I was the Chairman of the Golf Cart Fundraiser in 2016.   I have served as a Director in 2017 and 2018.

We have had a home in NMB since 1988 and spent quite a bit of time in the area.  My wife and I sold our home in Weddington, NC and moved to NMB full time in 2012.  One of the firs things we did was join the OD Shag Club.  We have been members of the Monroe Shag Club for many years and understand and appreciate the camaraderie of being a member of vibrant shag club.

As a member of the Monroe Shag Club, I served in the following capacities:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • SOS Parade Chair – 5 years
  • Ways & Means Chairperson
  • Chairman of the Monroe Shag Club Foundation
  • Vice-Chairman of the Monroe Shag Club Foundation

I retired from Harris Teeter Supermarkets where I served as Director of Purchasing.  I was employed with Harris Teeter for over 35 years.

I have attended many ACSC events and meetings and have always admired how much participation there is by the ODSC.  I am very glad to be a member of this club and will work hard to ensure I help maintain and grow all the wonderful events and help with new events for this great club.


Candidate for Vice President

Lou Martino

I am honored to be nominated for Vice President of the OD Shag Club.

I moved to Myrtle Beach after retiring from the US Army as a Lieutenant Colonel. I took my first shag lesson from Jeppy McDowell in Fayetteville, North Carolina in the early 1980’s.

Ever since my first SOS, I have loved the Shag dance, the people and the beach. So, I joined the OD Shag Club to become a part of the family of dancers. I have always loved to dance and here I have found my “paradise”. For many years I danced three to four nights a week, but now only two or three times a week.

As a member of the OD Shag Club since the the mid 1980’s for 30 plus years: I was the club’s photographer from 1990 to 1996. I was membership chair from 1996 to 1999.

I served on the board of the OD Shag Club from 2013-2014.

I am a proud recipient of the Al Cain Award 2016.

I have served on every committee of the club directly or indirectly. Advertising, Clean Sweep, Dance Team, Entertainment, Ways and Means, Food, Membership, Charity Fun Run, MB Manor and Parade Committees. Linda and I have taught the Share a Shag Step Classes for the last three years.

I have attended several ACSC Meetings to keep abreast of matters outside the club. I not only participate in all club functions, but each week promote our club by attending our local clubs. I have also assisted Jeppy McDowell on Tuesday Nights to promote the Shag Dance when he teaches lessons at Fat Harold’s.

Presently, I am the Club Photographer, the Webmaster and Co-chair of the OD Shag Club Dance Team.

I have a good feel for the pulse of our club and its membership.  I am pleased to be promoting our Club and preserving the Shag Dance and I am here to stay. Thank you for the opportunity to be nominated as Vice President and I would be honored to have your vote.


Candidate for Secretary

Donna Williams

Hello everyone. I am Donna Williams and I am running for the Secretary position for 2019. My husband Burnie and I live in Waterfall in Little River. I am a South Carolina Realtor who loves and sells the North end of the Strand as well as being an onsite rep in Waterfall. The dance and the opportunity of the dance lifestyle is what brought us to this area full time in 2011 originally from VA by way of Ft Myers Fl. My career included running the business office and admission office of 2 medical facilities in Charlottesville VA and then 27 years there with the Social Security Office as an instructor, a claims specialist and retiring as a claims expert. I spent 5 years as a Re/Max agent in Fort Myers before moving to this area.

“All she wants to do is dance” is my passion. I have been a dancer as long as I can remember. Having 2 grandmothers who were champion dancers I grew up with music and the love of the dance in my soul. The dance is also what brought Burnie and I together in 2004. I have been a member of the Lynchburg VA Shag club, the Colonial Shag club and/or the OD shag club at different times since 2003. While living in Ft Myers, Burnie and I taught weekly shag classes for 18 months. At the end of the 18 months we were teaching 4 classes each week as the classes graduated to different levels. I was also teaching line dance classes during part of that time.

As an OD Shag club member, I have been working with Ways & Means, sold golf cart tickets, and am a member of the demo dance team. As members of the dance team, we do all that we can to promote the OD Shag club, the dance and the lifestyle.  We dance most Wednesdays and Fridays at Fat Harold’s and make it a point to be ambassadors of the club to the many visitors that we meet. I am also beginning a 3rd 2 year term as a board member of the Waterfall Property Owners Association serving as Secretary/Treasurer. As the Secretary of the OD Shag Club, I hope to be able to serve the needs of the club and its members and to add to my ability to promote the club and preserve the dance and the wonderful lifestyle.

 Your vote will be greatly appreciated


Candidate for Treasurer


Lou Garrenton

My name is Lou Garrenton and I am running for the office of Treasurer because I love my OD Shag club family and want to support the club in any way I can.

I have been a member of the OD Shag club for almost 23 years.  I have served on many committees during these years including

Co-Chairman of Entertainment and Decorations for two years.

Before retiring I owned a computer programming business for over 30 years, specializing in custom accounting applications. I have been an accountant for over 40 years, and am still doing corporate and individual taxes .

I have been treasurer of the ODSC in the past  and have enjoyed working for our club.

I would appreciate your vote.


Candidate for Board Member

Joe Cornwell

My name is Joe Cornwell and I have been nominated for the board of directors for ODSC. My wife, Beth, and I have been members of the club since 2012. I worked with her when she served as chairperson of the Ways and Means Committee two years ago and learned a great deal about the workings of the club then. I have experience working on and with Boards as I am currently President of the Ocean Oaks HOA in NMB. I retired from the corporate office of American Tire Distributors in Huntersville, NC. In 2012. I look forward to working with club members in moving our club forward. Thanks for your nomination.


Candidate for Board Member


Connie Livingston

I am a transplant from Akron, Ohio. When my husband, Jim, retired we decided to snowbird in the North Myrtle Beach area to see if this is where we wanted to live.

We met some wonderful people who introduced us to the O. D. Shag Club and everything it offers. We have enjoyed being involved with the club and the lifestyle this area provides.

We put down roots here and decided that this is where we need to be.

Since joining the club, I have served two years as co-chairperson of the Ways and Means, have participated in several parades, have been involved in other activities with the club and a member of the ODSC Dance team.

This club has a lot to offer to all of its members and the surrounding community. I feel it’s very important to keep this club going and growing for the future. I would like to take part in helping to keep it going in a positive way.

We feel very fortunate to be living in the North Myrtle Beach area and being part of an association that has such a great value to so many.

Candidate for Board Member

Kathy McCoy

I’ve been a member of OD Shag Club for eight years and Camden, Lugoff Shag Club, (CLASS), for many years.

I served on the Entertainment and Decoration Committee for three years and Golf Cart Raffle for two years.  Vice president and board member for CLASS.

I have always helped with the ODSC SOS Parades (on dance troop two years), Christmas Parade, St Patrick’s Day parade.

I have volunteered with cooking committee, Golf Tournament, Clean Sweep, Shag Team…

I enjoy our SASS program an teach one lesson each year.  I also taught beginner shag for CLASS and Fine Art Center.

I attend most parties and help in every way I can.

I have attended SOS, ACSC Workshops for the last 12 years, only missing one.

I have business Edge Media, this year we put out a book 50th Anniversary North Myrtle Beach, which had history of Shag, Fat Harold’s…hope you have picked up one.  If not let me know.

I help with several fundraisers in town, Bold and Beautiful Camp Kemo, on board, Wigs for Cancer, on board, I helped with Purses with a Purpose, and doing a fundraiser on my own for Teen Angels.  

I am an Ambassador for the Little River Chamber, always volunteer for Shrimp fest and Blue Crab Festivals. 

I am a member of North Myrtle Beach Chamber also.

Shag dancing is my life style.

I would appreciate your vote for 2019 Board.


Candidate for Board Member

Monica Palmieri

Name:        MonicaPalmieri                                                        

Address:   601 Hillside Dr. Unit 3902, NMB 29582 / 1509 Fitzwilliam Court, Caln, PA 19320 Contact:     monicapalmieri@me.comCell:215-280-2256

Position Application – Board Member at Large

Number of Years in Club: 2

ODSC Background and Experience: Chair Person 2018 Golf Cart Fundraiser

Retired – Campbell Soup Company – Administrator to Board of Directors – 17 Years

Previous Board Positions:

  • Chair – Social Committee – Ocean Keyes Seashore Villas HOA – 1Year
  • Committee Person – Energy & Commodities Committee – Ocean Keyes Seashore Villas HOA – 2Years
  • Chair – Architecture Committee – Deerwood Country Club HOA – 12Years
  • Chair – Landscape Committee – Deerwood Country Club HOA – 6Years
  • Member of NJ Medical Reserve Corps – 10Years

Work History

  • Campbell Soup Company – Administrator to Board of Directors – 17Years
  • Frito-Lay, Inc. – Administrative Assistant Northeast Region – Sales and Marketing – 7Years
  • Southland Corp – Administrative Assistant Mid-Atlantic Region – Operations / Marketing – 17Years

Golf Cart Fundraiser

  • Scheduling, Selling, RevenueReconciliation


Candidate for Board Member

Paula Webb

Hello fellow members of ODSC,

 I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Paula Webb and I am so pleased to be nominated to represent this fantastic club as a Board Member for 2019.  This club is so large that it is hard to know everyone and in comparison, to the other more familiar nominees I am definitely a name and/or face you may not know or recognize. I hope to change that by sharing a little bit about myself and also by becoming more involved with the club, I am looking forward to getting to know you better too.

My husband Tim and I moved from our home of 18 years in Martinsville, VA. to our new home in NMB in August of 2015. We were exhausted, but between unpacking way too many boxes and rubbing down with BenGay, we immediately joined ODSC . We were prior members of the Monroe Shag Club and were anxious to become members of the best shag club ever! We have 3 children and 2 grandchildren. Tim still works for American Express. I just recently retired on August 1stand now have plenty of time to devote to the OD Shag Club.  We love our neighborhood and we have had so much fun being members of the shag club and in no time at all felt that we were exactly where we were meant to be.

I retired from American Express after 20 years of small business service and sales on August 1st.  I now have the time needed to immerse myself in my club as well as my community of which I am a board member for my HOA.

Here is a partial list of some of my club involvements over the years

Golf Cart Participant in every SOS parade over the past 6 years (Monroe 3 yrs. and ODSC 3 yrs.)

Golf Cart Participant in the NMB Christmas parade in the past 3 years

Co-Chaired the Clean Sweep Committee for 2 years

Worked the tent selling Golf Cart Tickets during SOS

Worked the Ways and Means tent during SOS

Worked on the ODSC SOS float building events

Sorted canned and dry goods donations for distribution to needy families

Co-Chair for the Silent Auction in the annual charity event with Monroe Shag Club

Made lamps for donations to the Silent Auction

My list of accomplishments may not be as impressive as I would like but I would love the opportunity to serve you and the club and build upon it. Thank you for taking time to read this and read into my desire to be a bigger part of this great organization. I would truly appreciate your vote in October.