Demo Team Members

ODSC Demo Team Members

The OD Shag Club formed a Demo Team March 2013 consisting of Board Member Lou Martino, as organizer. Other team members range in ages from 18-92 years old, demonstrating that the SC State Dance is for all ages.

The Original Members of the Demo Team

                                                      Lou Martino

 Linda Campbell


Nancy Sook


John Barringer


John and Jan Samuels


Lenny Gardner

 Diane Tindall

 Bobbie Buffkin

Our Original Junior Shaggers

Noah Veon

Austin Todd

Our Team Members

 Rich Jamiolowski

Cathy Jamiolowski

Connie Livingston


Cherie Patalik

James Thorndyke

Barbara Hopper

Wade Kirdahi

Bill Millman

Diane Millman

 Burnie  Williams


Donna Williams

Jimmy Harley

 Vic Gillispie

 Linda Wilson


Bob Page


 Helon Page

 John Setzer

 Lori Setzer

Honorary Members and Historian

Jeppe McDowel and Phyllis


Lou Martino