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20170719 Honorary Society of Educators

Honorary Society of Educators


Lou Martino

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The OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to dance and teach the Shag Dance July 19, 2017, at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center from 6:30PM thru 9PM Thursday night for the Honorary Society for Educators, Delta Kappa Gamma international.

We all arrived at the Convention Center around 6:30PM and were directed to Ballrooms D/E where there were approximately 400 members of the Honorary Society for Educators awaiting to be taught to dance and listen to Craig Woolard and the Embers play.

As we waited to be introduced we all where in hopes that the many hours of practice would pay off. The introductions for the educators from each state represented was introduced and the United States Flag was honored during the National Anthem.

Susie Epps our point of contact before introducing the OD Shag Club Dance Team presented the Team with a generous donation then giving the microphone to the Dance Team Spokes Person Linda Campbell. Linda gave a brief history of the Dance Team and explained what we were all about. The crowed showed their enthusiasm with a warm welcome by their applause.

Linda introduced the Dance Team and we had the opportunity to show case what we had been practicing for two months. Our own circle dance of six couples with eight steps and the ladies dancing with different partners after each step. The audience loved it. Even though we were unable to show case each different style of the Shag, we had more fun teaching the many ladies that where on their feet wanting to learn. We were flooded with so many of the ladies that we had several instructions going on at the same time. We had groups of 10 and 20 ladies wanting to learn.

On the dance floor, those who were familiar with the dance would come on the dance floor and grab the members of the team and they danced, danced, danced.

The dance floor was never empty as long as Craig Woolard and the Embers played. And the band played on until 9PM. At the end of the event Craig Woolard honored the veterans with Lee Greenwoods “God Bless America” as we honored our own Lenny Gardner and the veterans of the Dance Team.

We set a record of getting the most ladies on the dance floor at one time of over 250 participants and what an evening it was. The only complaint was that the evening was too short. We accomplished what we were asked to do maybe unorthodox but very affective.  The ladies took over the dance floor and strutted their stuff.

I would like to thank Susie Epps for contacting the OD Shag Club Dance Team and inviting us to dance at their convention.

A special thank you to the OD Shag Club Dance Team for spending their evening and their weekends for the last two months practicing to make this event one of the greatest.

The OD Shag Club Dance Team who gave up their time and as always performed to the highest quality to show the Shag Dance:

Linda Campbell, Dan Dasquino, Lenny Gardner, Vic Gillispie, Barbara Hopper, Rich Jamiolkowski, Cathy Jamiolkowski, Connie Livingston, Lou Martino, Bill Millman, Diane Millman, Bob Page, Helon Page, Cherie Patalik, John Setzer, Lori Setzer, Ted Sobol, Diane Tindal, Burnie Williams, Donna Williams, Linda Wilson, and Callie White. Thank you Jim Livingston for assisting with taking Photos and Happy Birthday to Diane Millman.

20170617 Fish Fry

Fish Fry


Vickie Parsons

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WHAT A PARTY!  The OD Shag Club members and guests enjoyed a remarkable party on Saturday, June 17th featuring a “Fish Fry” furnished by the club.  A total of 187 members and guests were in attendance.  Donnie Schultz and his group of chefs deep fried the fish and Faye Chowning and her helpers handled the rest.  The fish was fantastic along with all the sides and desserts.  Kudos to everyone for their help in making this event a huge success.

Also, a big thank you to our DJ of the night Kitty Earls for playing the tunes for us to dance, and the OD Shag Dance Demo Team under the care of Lou Martino and Linda Campbell for their team dance demonstrations.  These guys were able to get everyone on the dance floor.  You barely had a place to dance.  We also had a special treat with three of our local junior shaggers attending to show their shagging expertise.  We all wish we could move like them.  Thank you, Jackson and Lizzie Batten, and Gracie Pandure.  A donation bucket was passed around during the event to help our local juniors, and I’m proud to say that $276.00 was collected.  Thanks to all for your support!

The famous 50/50 earned the winner $170.00 and that prize went to Paul Lugar.  Don Thomas carried home the $20.00 prize for the Logo and Lorraine Martin won $20.00 for the Name Tag.

It was a wonderful event, and if you were unable to attend, please mark your calendar so not to miss the next party which is scheduled in August.

20170608 Litchfield Dance Team

The Lakes at Litchfield


Linda Campbell

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It was forecasted for rain, rain, and more rain. But like they say in South Carolina, just wait a few minutes and the weather will change and so it did. The Dance Team was invited to The Lakes at Litchfield in Pawley’s Island. The event was for the Dance Team to dance for the residents the first day and then for the Marketing Personnel the second day. Well the rain did keep us from dancing the first day. Yes, we got rained out, however, we did decide to go the second day rain or shine.

Although it was humid outside, the Dance Team performed well. We are getting use to dancing rain or shine, early or late, because of those who want to learn and those who have been dancing awhile. It all is about promoting the Shag Dance and instructing those who want to learn.

We danced just as well outside as we do inside. The results are the same. We always are welcomed with warmth and hospitality. Not to mention the fun we have dancing. The team is growing and enjoying every minute we get to dance.

At this event, we danced to the Marsha Morgan’s Band. We had a great dance floor under the tent. Each couple got to dance and perform while many of the invited guests looked on. After the team danced, we were able to teach several guests. Some of them already knew how to Shag. The dance floor was crowded. We had the opportunity to meet several leads to other events and looking forward to making contact with them.

Thanks goes out to Kellie Jayroe the Social Director for the Lakes at Litchfield for inviting us to dance at their event.

Thank the dance team members that attended this event: Burnie and Donna Williams, Vic Gillespie, Linda Wilson, Callie White, Bill and Diane Millman, Lenny Gardner, Rich and Cathy Jamiolkowski, Barbara Hopper, Bob Geisler, Cherie Patalik, Ted Sobol, John and Lori Setzer, Linda Campbell, and Lou Martino.

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