20171204 Manor Christmas

Myrtle Beach Manor Christmas


Linda Campbell

On Monday, December 4, 2017, OD Shag Club members started arriving at the Myrtle Beach Manor around 5:30pm excited for our Annual Christmas party for the residents. We ALWAYS look forward to this event each year.

Joe Ferlauto had a full agenda planned from 6:00pm-8:00pm. The evening began with Emcee John Harris introducing four of our own Junior Shaggers to dance. All the songs that were to be danced were Chrismas Shag Songs. WOW! Those Juniors could really “let it go” and showed us some of their fancy moves.

Next, were the members of the OD Shag Club Dance Team and they filled the floor dancing to “Santa Meet Me with Your Red Suit On” and “Rockin Santa Man”. They showed their fancy footwork also which was quite impressive, since the youngest member is around 60 and the olders at 96. Way to go Dance Team!!

Again, this year, the three “L’s” in this case for this event, the three “Elves”, Linda Campbell, Lenny Gardner, and Lou Martino did their trio dance, which is always entertaining.

Showcasing their dancing skills and talents were Mike and Bonnie Bejzak to the tune of “Call Me Claus”. They were great especially since Mike had just had double knee replacement less than six months ago. Great job Mike and Bonnie!

Next came our favorite part of the show, where the women of our club put beautiful Christmas pins on the lady residents of the manor, as the members of the club distribute punch and cookies to the music of traditional Christmas carols being played in the background by Chair Joe Ferlauto.

The smiles on the faces of all the residents began to light up the room and one could tell that they were having a wonderful time.

Our favorite joke teller, Lenny Gardner, shared some of his humor by telling a few jokes keeping the residents and members laughing along with him.

Always a favorite Paul Craver came and sang several songs, including his Mother’s favorite song “Make the world go away” and each resident enjoyed listening to them all. The dancing continued with Bill and Sheila Seymour, National Dance constestants, dancing again this year to a favorite Shag song “Cant Take the Pressure”. As in the past, Great job Bill and Sheila!

All of a sudden, we were taken back in time to the Theme Song of the Mickey Mouse Club announcing the entrance of the lovable Mickey and Minnie Mouse (aka Lou Martino and Linda Campbell). Mickey and Minnie began mingling with the residents as they sang traditional Christmas carols such as “Frosty” and “Rudolph”.

But, WAIT, WHAT to our wandering eyes should appear? But a jolly old man, with round little belly that shook when he laughed like a bowl for of jelly…. YEP it was SANTA CLAUSE and his little helper Christmas Carol!

As Santa waived and heard the wishes of the residents, the members of the club passed out beautiful poinsettias for each resident’s room. What a delight it was to watch them with Santa and Christmas Carol.

Mickey and Minnie then joined Santa and Christmas Carol again and members of the OD Shag Club to end the night singing a few more carols and then ending the night with our traditional song of “God Bless America”

Thank you to all of the OD Shag Club members who all dressed up in their festive attire and accessories. But most of all our gratefulness to Joe Ferlauto, Chairperson, who worked so hard to prepare this wonderful event.

I close with these words, which reflect the whole evening: “May this Christmas season bring you special moments and Happy memories and always BELIEVE in the MAGIC of Christmas!”

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Photos by Jim Livingston

20171021 Nomination Halloween Party

Nomination Halloween Party


Terry McCoy

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The Halloween Party  at Savilles turned out to be a great party. The pizza  was good with all the sides that members brought. Their was a little confusion at first with a party going on till 6 and our costumes starting at 6 but it all seemed to work out. I thank you for your patience. Thanks to all those that dressed up with some great costumes. The winner of individual costume was Diane Bauer the couple’s winner was Lori and John Setzer. It was election night with no opposition the slate of officers are on web site. Great party

Photos by Lou Martino

20171011 Rotary Club Little River

Rotary Club Little River


Lou Martino

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The OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to the Little River Rotary Club in Little River, SC on October 11, 2017, at 12:30PM at the CB Berry Community Center in Little River. We were able to dance at this location with networking with our Point of Contact that Linda Campbell met at the Blue Crab Festival in May 2017.

Our Point of Contact was Paula Yanis, President-Elect of the Little River Rotary Club. After a short club meeting, we were invited to eat lunch with the Rotary Club. What was impressive was we all stood and said the pledge of allegiance to the flag followed by pray.

Paula introduced the ODSC Dance Team spokesperson Linda Campbell. Linda gave a short history and information of the ODSC and the Shag Dance. Linda then introduced each individual of the Dance Team. The dance team then danced their style of the Shag.

Linda then asked if any of the Rotary Club members would like to learn to Shag. Of the 25 Rotary Club Members present at the event, 10 members got up and were interested in learning. Lou Martino gave the instructions. It didn’t take long for them to learn the basic. Each member of the Dance Team matched up with members of the Rotary Club and we all danced to the music Lady Soul.

We would like to thank Paula for the invitation and the Rotary Club Members who participated to learn to Shag.

Thank you to the members of the Dance Team who danced at this event: Vic Gillispie, Lenny Gardner, Lou Martino, Lori Setzer, John Setzer, Linda Wilson, Diane Millman, Bill Millman, Donna Williams, Barbara Hopper, Jimmy Harley, Burnie Williams and Linda Campbell.

Photos by Lou Martino

20171008 Clean Sweep

SOS Fall Clean Sweep


Tim and Paula Webb

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Thank you to the volunteers who came out to the Fall Clean Sweep event on Oct 7. There was a brief shower that threatened a cancellation of the event but stopped in time to start and finish dry. We appreciate each of you for donating your time and from the looks of some of the bags that came in your efforts to clean up our “playground” were sorely needed. The bag count never got accurately counted as some of the bags were so full they had to be dumped before coming back to our base. We had some Main St. merchants thank us for our efforts to keep our neighborhood clean and inviting. We want to thank Krispy Kreme for supporting us with 2 dozen glazed donuts and hope that you will in turn stop in and thank them for their donations for every clean sweep event.  We took our left over donuts and Hardees biscuits to the NMB Fire Dept.  We also want to give a special thanks to Deckerz for allowing us the use of their parking lot to gather.

Photos by Lou Martino

20171005 Rotary Club Conway

Conway Rotary Club


Lou Martino

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The OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to the Conway Rotary Club in Conway, SC at the Conway Recreation Center on October 5, 2017, at 12:00 noon.

We were met at the Center by Bruce Boone our Point of Contact and the President of the Conway Rotary Club. The president called his meeting to order. We stood and said the pledge of allegiance to the flag and a pray. We were invited to have lunch with the Rotary Club.

After a short meeting and recognitions of members of the Rotary Club by the president, Bruce introduced Linda Campbell the ODSC Dance Team spokesperson. Linda gave a short history of the ODSC and the Shag Dance.

Linda then introduced each member of the dance team. After each dance team member danced to their specific song some smooth some slow and some fast. The Rotary Club members were asked to participate to learn how to Shag. Many of their members were interested to learn as you can see in the photos.

Thank you to Bruce Boone and the members of the Conway Rotary Club for inviting the ODSC Dance Team for inviting us to dance at their meeting.

Thank you to the Dance Team members that made this event possible: Vic Gillispie, Linda Wilson, Diane Millman, Bill Millman, Rich Jamiolkowski, Cathy Jamiolkowski, Lou Martino and Linda Campbell.

A special thank you to John Lowery for being the OD Shag Club liaison for this event.  

Photos by Lou Martino

20170930 Navy Vets USS James K Polk Reunion

USS James K Polk Reunion


Lou Martino

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On September 30, 2017 at the Sands Ocean Resort in Myrtle Beach, SC at 8:00 PM the OD Shag Dance Team was invited to dance for the USS James K Polk Reunion. This reunion was from September 28-30, 2017. We were proud to be able to represent the Shag Dance to those who served this country with pride and honor.

Officially, the USS James K. Polk Veterans Association (JKPVA) is a chartered and incorporated non-profit 501(c) (19) organization formed exclusively and specifically for the pleasure, recreation, and fellowship of the men who served aboard the United States submarine USS James K. Polk (SSBN/SSN 645) and their families.

After the ODSC Dance Team was introduced by Diane Barlin our POC for this event, Linda Campbell our spokesperson for the OD Shag Club Dance Team gave a little history about what she had learned about the USS James K Polk online to bond with their members.

Linda introduced the Dance Team.  A special introduction of Lenny A. Gardner, our dance team member, was introduced as one of those soldiers who landed at the Normandy Invasion. He got a standing ovation from the members of the USS James K. Polk.  It was truly a site to see. Something that our team will remember for many years to come.

There were around 150 members of the USS James K. Polk attending the reunion. They were a very enthusiastic group. After each couple of the dance team demonstrated their style of dance, we invited all those who wanted to learn how to Shag to join us on the floor.

As you can see in the pictures, there was an abundance of members who wanted to learn and learn they did. Within a few minutes they had learned the basic steps and danced.

They continued to dance to the music of SouthSide Drive a local 3-piece band led by our own OD Shag Club Member, Randy Bowling.

Over all the night was a total success. Everyone had a great time as indicated by Diane Barlin, “They all had a great time and appreciated your time to teach them how to dance the Shag. Since only one person in the whole group knew how to Shag prior to your instructions and now 60% of the group knows how to Shag I would say your group was a great hit!”

I would like to thank those members of the dance team who danced at this event: from left to right on the picture above – Lori Setzer, John Setzer, Ted Sobol, Callie White, Barbara Hopper, Cathy Jamiolkowski, Lenny Gardner, Rich Jamiolkowski, Donna Williams, Jimmy Harley, Bill Millman, Linda Campbell, Lou Martino and Burnie Williams.

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