20180324 Chili Cook Off

Chili Cook Off


Bill Bacon

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On March 17th the O.D. Shag Club held our Annual Chili Cook-Off at Fat Harold’s Beach Club. The theme for the Cook Off was western so many members dressed up with their cowboy hats, boots and western attire. We had a great turnout, but it would have been nice if more people had brought chili. The chili I took was gone before I got to it. Maybe that was because it was so good! As good as it was though, unfortunately it was not good enough to win. Vickie Harrison won the $75.00 first prize with Donna Williams winning

$50.00 for second place and Dolly McDermott winning the $25.00 third prize. Gail Johnson won the Logo prize and Monica Powell won the money for wearing her name t ag. It pays to wear those name tags and Logos. Ken Meyer won the big prize for the evening, the 50/50 with a payoff of $233.00!!!

Tim Shumway, Mollie Putnam and Kristie McDonald had the enviable task of getting to taste all the chili, but then had the unenviable job of selecting the winners! That must have been a hard job and we thank you, even if you didn’t pick the best chili I have ever made!!

Our special thanks to Donnie and Wendy Schultz and the other members of the Food Committee and everyone else who made it all happen! Also, thanks to everyone who brought chili and desserts!

Photos by Lou Martino

20180322 Belk’s Dance Team

Dance Team at Belk’s


Lou Martino

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On March 22, 2018, the OD Shag Club Dance Team performed at Belk’s at the Myrtle Beach Mall between the hours of 3PM and 5PM. The store theme was “Girls Night”.

We were welcomed to the Shoe Department by our own Cindy Day. As always, the staff at Belk’s welcomes us with open arms. Thank you, Cindy, for inviting us to Belk’s and allowing us to promote the OD Shag Club and the dance that we love so much the “Shag”.

As is our normal routine, Linda Campbell introduced each team member and gave a little introduction as to the evolution of Carolina Shag. Her voice was heard though out the store, so as we began to dance more customers came to watch us dance.

Belk’s provided us with a DJ “Scott” who was nice enough to play the songs that the team would dance to. We provided the music and he played it as requested by the team.

Each couple of the team danced twice for around one and a half minutes each time though out the two-hour block. We had 17 members of the dance team present.  

I would like to thank the members of the team that danced at this event. From left to right: Mike Bejzak, Bonnie Bejzak, Lou Martino, Linda Campbell, Lori Setzer, John Setzer, Billy Byrne, Cathy Jamiolkowski, Barbara Hopper, Rich Jamiolkowski, Burnie Williams, Donna Williams, Cherie Patalik, Larry Boyer, Connie Livingston, Callie White and Ted Sobol.

Also, a special thank you goes out to Belk’s for the gift bags they presented to each of our members. We all appreciate your generosity.

Photos by Lou Martino

20180317St Patrick’s Day Parade

St Patrick’s Day Parade


Billy Powell


The OD Shag Club was well represented in the 2018 North Myrtle Beach St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  We had 25 golf carts and 86 people participate this year.  A great time was had by all before, during and after the parade.  This year, we thru out over 15,000 strands of beads during the parade.       

Bill and Diane Millman were our banner carriers this year and their costumes were outstanding!  Many thanks to Rich and Karen Young and Sonny Tomberlin who helped me register everyone and hand out beads and all the other administrative tasks before a parade begins.  I could not do all of this without the help of my significant other, Monica.  Her help and support during and after all of the parades is immeasurable.

I know that it requires getting up a little earlier than most of us would like to be in this parade, but I promise you the fun and fellowship that you have makes it well worth the effort.  If you did not participate this year, please consider making next year’s parade.

Our next parade is on April 28, the SOS Parade.  I am looking forward to a great turnout this year for SOS.

20180217 Oyster Roast

Oyster Roast


Linda Campbell

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A lot of people do not know the hard work AND the number of the people it takes to put together a successful oyster roast.  And that’s the key: SUCCESSFUL!  But, Donnie and Wendy Shultz Do! And this year was no exception.

It began the night before at Donnie and Wendy’s house and it began with CHICKEN!  Yep!  Chicken, for their world-famous Chicken Bog (yes, for those who just haven’t acquired the love or taste for oysters).  And for those of us who love both.  Thank you, Cindy Day and Dolly McDermott, for serving this and making sure that each table had their crackers and cocktail sauce.

I am sure you couldn’t miss our “sailor in the crow’s nest”, Dickey Garrenton on the ladder, directing where the oyster carriers needed to go and I don’t believe anyone was without oysters for more than just a little bit as Donnie and his great “crew” kept ‘em coming!

That great team consisted of: Tim and Cassy Shumway, Cindy Day, Dolly McDermott, Kevin Harrell, Bruce Fitzsimmons, Bill Bacon, Terry Holmes, Jim Robinson, Bob Sanders, Jon Harris, Jerry Harrell, Dickey Garrenton, Jim Queen, Steve Queen, Bob Miller, Terry McCoy, Ronnie Rogers, Phil Tomlinson.  And a special thanks to Lou Garrenton as well (check out the pics of Wendy and Lou sweeping up the trash…looks like they are going after the puck at an ice hockey rink…lol).

While everyone ate either oysters or chicken bog, Bill Anderson kept the great tunes spinning and even some of the members took a break from eating to show their stuff on the dance floor.  Of course, Bill had to throw in a couple line dances for the ladies (and men).

Billy Powell and Cathy Jamiolkowski did a great job selling 50/50 tickets and the winner of the 50/50 Charles Neal walked away with $449.  Name Tag winner of $20 was Betty Bennett and Logo Winner of $20 was Debby Robbe.

At the end of the night there was lots of help from many of the members including the Executive board and their spouses to put the OD Arcade back to its original state.

2018 World Famous OD Shag Club Oyster Roast will go down as a wonderful success and we will look forward to it again next year.  Thank you again to EVERYONE FOR A GREAT JOB WELL DONE!

Photos by Lou Martino

20180215 Sea Turtles Meeting

Sea Turtles Meeting


Lou Martino

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The OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to dance and instruct at the Grand Dunes Marriott Hotel in Myrtle Beach on February 15, 2018 at 8PM in the Atlantic Ballroom. Our point of contact for this event was Event planner Jessica M Cutler, DMCP of Myrtle Beach.

The event was for the Southeast Regional Sea Turtle Meeting which was held at the Grand Dunes Marriott in Myrtle Beach, SC from February 12, 2018 thru February 15, 2018. They had a long week and wanted to see and learn the Shag Dance.

After being introduced to the Sea Turtle membership Linda Campbell the OD Shag Club Dance Team spokesperson introduced the members of the Dance Team. The average age of the members of the Sea Turtles was around 30 years young. Linda introduced the dancers at an average age of 65. There was a roar which got the attention of the group.

“Now let see what these old folks can do” was in the air.  Well, as our usual routine of spot light dancing began as Lenny our eldest danced the crowd became more and more interested in what we had to offer.

When asked who would like to learn to “Shag” more than half of the Sea Turtles audience came to the floor. Such a enthusiastic group.

We had a great DJ Corey who played the music too which the team danced. It was great working with him.

Some special thanks go out to Jessica Cutler, DMCP of Myrtle Beach for the invite and the warm welcome we received from the Sea Turtles.

I would like to thank those members of the dance team that participated in this event: from left to right – Ted Sobol, Connie Livingston, Callie White, Bill Millman, Diane Millman, Cathy Jamiolkowski, Jimmy Harley, Linda Campbell, Rich Jamiolkowski, Barbara Hopper, Lenny Gardner, Donna Williams, Burnie Williams, Lou Martino, Lori Setzer, Billy Byrne, John Setzer, and Linda Wilson.

Photos by Lou Martino

20180120 Clean Sweep

Post-SOS Clean Sweep 


Bill Bacon

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Phot0s by Lou Martino

Hello ODSC Members,

Saturday, January 20th, a near record group of 29 members of the OD Shag Club braved the cold to turn out at Deckerz at 8:30 AM for our annual Mid-Winter Clean Sweep!  After enjoying some of Hardee’s finest biscuits and Dunkin Donuts coffee, the group managed to collect 30 bags of trash and refuse from the streets and parking lots of North Myrtle Beach from the intersection of US 17 and Main to Ocean Blvd and from Main Street to 5th Ave North and South on Ocean Blvd.  We were pleased to see a lot of new members turn out as well as a lot of the usual suspects. 

For those of you who have never come to a Clean Sweep, you may not believe it, but we do have a good time! For any of you who have stopped coming, if your health permits, I think you might enjoy coming back! Sometimes it pays to participate as New Member Paulette Custer found $10.00!

We hope as many members as possible are able to come to our next Clean Sweep which is presently scheduled for Cinco de Mayo which is the first Saturday after Spring SOS.

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