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20181002 Presidents Letter

Oh, my goodness!   What a September we had and what events we DIDN’T have due to a lady named Florence!!!

Wow…talk about “nerve racking”!   Do we evacuate, do we stay???  Reminds me of a song…lol!

Anyway, we were VERY blessed in the North Myrtle Beach/Myrtle Beach area to have “dodged” this one, however, our friends and family North of us didn’t.  Our prayers are still continuing for those in the area of where Florence hit.  Also, our hearts and prayers also go out to all of those that were affected by the horrible after effects of the slow-moving lady as she dumped so much rain on the area and surrounding.

Please make sure to reach “out” and reach “in” to help those in need as they try to recover and get back to some type of “normalcy” in their lives.

As far as SOS, there wasn’t one!  This was the first time SOS has ever been cancelled but it was the right decision by the SOS Committee due to the safety of all involved.  The OD Shag Club 28thGolf Tournament was also put off until October 6thand we ended up with around 80+ golfers and thanks to all who volunteered and the hard work of the great Golf Committee, the event was a success.

Don’t forget about the Elections/Halloween Party at Savilles on October 20that 6:00pm.  Please come and support YOUR CLUB and vote for YOUR 2019 Executive Board. I have even heard that there is going to be some “special spooky” entertainment.  Each Officer/Nominee running NEEDS your votes so come out and support Savilles and the OD Shag Club.  Find your best costume, as there will be a Costume Contest as well.

It is hard to believe that there is only 2 months left in my tenure and I have thoroughly enjoyed being your President for 2018.   Please continue to volunteer for these remaining months and don’t forget our “Re-Up/Thanksgiving” Party at Fat Harold’s at 6:00pm on November 17thas well.  This is your time to renew your membership AND get your 2019 SOS card as well. 

Please again, lets remember ALL our neighbors who have been affected by the Hurricane(s), Florence and now Michael, those affected by the flooding and let’s continue to lift our members who are in need up in prayers as you begin and end each of your days. 

Thanks for ALL that you do to help continue to preservation and perpetuation of this wonderful dance we call Shag and love!

See ya’ll on the dance floor!

20181006 Shoe Center Hurricane Relief

Shoe Center Hurricane Relief


Linda Campbell

Click Here to see Photos of this Event

On October 6, 2018, the OD Shag Club Dance Team was invited to participate in a combination 40thAnniversary and Hurricane Relief event for the The Shoe Center in North Myrtle Beach.

Mike and Ginger Parnell, owners of The Shoe Center are celebrating their 40 years of the The Shoe Center with a concert from Gary Lowder and Smokin’ Hot, along with the partnership of the Barefoot Church and Impact Ministries to help benefit those who were affected by the recent Hurricane Florence.

Those participating from the OD Shag Club dance team were:  Linda Campbell, Lou Martino, Mike and Bonnie Bejzak, Cathy and Rich Jamiolkowski, Connie and Jim Livingston, Ted Sobol, Callie White, John and Lori Setzer and Donna and Burnie Williams.

Although the temperatures were in the 80’s and the humidity was very high, the dance team would dance a dance or two and then sit down, rest and refresh themselves as Gary Lowder and the band played some great tunes. 

Barefoot Church and Impact Ministries were collecting from those who attended with Hurricane Relief Supplies and it seemed like they were loading, van after van of supplies from those who came to enjoy the event.

Thank you once again to Mike and Ginger Parnell for this invitation to be a part of a great event.  Happy Anniversary to you and here’s wishin’ for another 40 years!

Photos by Lou Martino and Monica Palmieri



Nancy Confair-Neal 10/1
Ken Dawkins 10/1
June Grainger 10/1
Babs Ludwick 10/1
Vickie Parsons 10/1
Sonja Price 10/1
Brenda Tomlinson 10/1
Gene Sullenger 10/2
Harold Utley 10/2
Diane Lawson 10/3
Edgar Singleton 10/3
Joe Cornwell 10/4
Monica Palmieri 10/4
Karen Greene 10/5
Rudy Wooten 10/5
Gary Wilson 10/6
Leslie Faitak 10/8
Rich Young 10/8
Pat Gathings 10/9
Michael Murphy 10/9
Clark Chowning 10/10
Carol Ferlauto 10/10
Kevin Harrell 10/10
Eunice Inman 10/10
Jill Pollard 10/10
Joan Shaw 10/10
Jim Hagan 10/11
Buck Odom 10/11
Steve Greenwood 10/12
Pat Johnson 10/12
Stacy Shaw 10/12
Terry Holmes 10/13
Ken Meyer 10/13
Faye Perdue 10/13
Lulan Fanjoy 10/14
Cindy Lucas 10/14
Faye Chowning 10/15
Toni Moriarty 10/15
Andy Mullis 10/15
Earl Perry Jr. 10/15
Dennia Boudreau 10/16
Thomas Crosby 10/16
Robert Horton Jr. 10/16
Jimmy Reaves 10/16
Charles Collins 10/17
Robert Hand 10/17
Manley Sanders 10/17
Jerry Bass 10/18
Pat Yeatts 10/18
Betty Zusin 10/18
Bill Dobecki 10/21
John Martin 10/21
Cleo Tinsley 10/21
Arthur Williams 10/21
Diane Bauer 10/22
Gail Craver 10/22
Larry Jones 10/22
Monica Powell 10/22
Rich Sofield 10/22
Mary Northington 10/23
Vicki Patterson 10/23
Rick Kosko 10/24
Millie Patton 10/24
Toni McDavid 10/25
Ray Hardison 10/26
Merel Utley 10/26
Linda Ball 10/28
Gwenda Howle 10/28
Bob Peele 10/28
Dianne Riddle 10/28
Dan Summit 10/29
Gladys Vicks 10/29
Ron Edmondson 10/30
Jim Leonard 10/30
Jane Link 10/30
Eldridge Meeler 10/30
Ricky Bookhultz 10/31
Patti Utley 10/31