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20180601 New Member Social

New Member Social


Vickie Parsons

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What A Great Event!  On June 1st, the OD Shag Club Board of Directors hosted a New Member Reception in the backroom at Fat Harold’s to welcome our new members for 2018.  In attendance were 8 Board members, 5 Past Presidents, 13 Committees were represented, along with 29 new members.  Fun was had by all with games and door prizes.  Snacks were donated by Bi-Lo Food Store and served by Wendy Schultz and her food committee volunteers.  Thank you, Wendy.  Also, a big thank you to Karen Young and Nancy Sook for their assistance with checking in the members as they arrived and to John and Pat Harris for stepping in a taking pictures of our new members for the OD Shag Club Year Book.

President Linda Campbell welcomed all in attendance and introduced the 2018 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs.  Each one had an opportunity to identify their position with the club and committee chairs had a chance to explain the responsibilities of their committee and encouraged each new member to get involved.

If you are attending a Shag Club function and see a new face in the crowd, stop and introduce yourself. It only takes a moment to make someone smile by just saying Hello!

Photos by Pat Harris


Welcome New Members

Welcome New Members
MAY 2018

Donnie Sangid
Terrie Sangid
Randy Phillips
Sandy Phillips
Suzanne Williams
Gabriele Roeder
Shirley Grasso
John Brooks
Debbie Brooks
Richard Hardick
Debbie Hardick
Donald Helsel
Marjorie Helsel



Helen Eckhardt 6/1
Tish Joyce 6/1
Carol Lopez 6/1
Jack Reeves 6/1
C. M. Northington 6/2
Becki Roberts 6/2
Ed Shiflett 6/2
Mike Thompson 6/2
Jimmy Rogers 6/3
Teressa Dew 6/5
Tony Cates 6/6
Norbert Goode 6/6
Ron Heidebrink 6/6
Linda Shiflett 6/6
Joe Estrella 6/7
Michael Fielding 6/7
Brenda Young 6/7
Joan Bacon 6/8
Linda Cox 6/9
Betsy McLeod 6/9
Sylvia Newell 6/9
Susan Hall 6/10
Debbie Holmes 6/11
Betty McNally 6/11
Betty Reaves 6/11
Betty Varn 6/11
Susan Male 6/12
Cassy Shumway 6/12
Ed Moore 6/13
Donnie Sangid 6/14
Jim Patterson 6/16
Carole Perry 6/16
Ronny Whitlock 6/16
Doug Harrison 6/17
Donnie Quinn 6/17
Sheila Wright 6/17
Judy Caulder 6/18
Sondra Pettus 6/18
Beth Harmon 6/19
Barbara Hopper 6/19
Sylvia Newell 6/19
John Pardini 6/19
Sherry Althoff 6/20
Rodney Pittman 6/20
Robert Shwelnus 6/20
Doris Goldman 6/21
Jerry Melton 6/21
Judy Rason 6/21
Joe Braswell 6/22
Jan Samuels 6/22
Pat Singleton 6/22
Bob Lemmond 6/22
Shelby Coleman 6/24
June Dawson 6/24
Randy Bowling 6/25
Mary Miller 6/25
Susan Hazzard 6/27
Dick Hughes 6/27
Betty Nye 6/27
Ann Elmore 6/28
Paul Lugar 6/28
Lou Ann Roehl 6/28
Wayne Riehl 6/29
Eileen Minerd 6/30
Don Sanders 6/30