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20170819 Nominations Party

Nominations Party


Linda Campbell

At Fat Harold’s, August 19th, 2017, our great Hospitality Team began greeting each and every one of our OD Shag Club members and their guests for our Nominations Party.  Out in the parking lot to the side, one could see the busyness of members preparing our Bar-b-que for the dinner to be served for the night.

Gary Bass was in the DJ booth playing tunes to get the crowd up and on their feet. Shagging to the oldies, the new hits we hear on Wednesday and Fridays, and of course, all the favorites that we love to dance to.

The party began right at 6:00pm with President Terry McCoy welcoming everyone and making some announcements.  He then turned the microphone over to Nominations Chair Vic Gillespie who announced the nominations for the 2018 Board of the OD Shag Club.  Those running are:  Board of Directors:  John Seltzer, Al Grosgrove, Nancy Sook and Jerry Howard.  Treasurer:  Vicky Parsons, Secretary: Donna Williams, Vice President: Bill Bacon and for President: Linda Campbell.

Congratulations to Vicky, Donna, Bill and Linda who will run unopposed and will be the officers for 2018.

After the nominations were announced everyone was excited to get their food card called so they could sink their teeth into some wonderful Bar-b-que and all the fixin’s.  Thank you to Faye Chowning, Donnie and Wendy Shultz, Jim and Wanda Queen, Susan and Kevin Harrell, Bill Bacon, Terry McCoy, Tim and Cassy Shumway and Cindy Day  for the MAGNIFICIENT job that you guys did in cooking, and transporting, preparing and getting servers for the Bar-b-que.  Everything was delicious!!! We even got to buy what was left to take home for later!  Yumm!!

Drawings were held before the night ended for the nametag and logo and those lucky winners were Sandy Ramseur and Linda Campbell.  I believe there is still a question as to the winner of the 50/50 as to whether it was Mama Vicky Harrison and Wanda Queen or was it Paul Harrison…Story to come later! Ha!

Gary Bass also presented back to the club his monies that we pay him to play.  Aww! Thank you Gary…we do appreciate YOU!!

One could say that we had a great night of food, fellowship, and dance and look forward to the upcoming SOS and the Elections party in October to vote on the rest of the Board of Directors who will continue to move this ODSC forward as the BEST SHAG CLUB EVER!

Click Here to see Photos of this event

Photos by Lou Martino

2017 Linda Campbell – President

Nomination for President

Linda Campbell

My name is Linda Benfield Campbell.  I currently reside in Longs, SC after relocating here from Columbia SC in 2010.  I am originally from Statesville, NC and am currently employed with Aflac as a Sales Associate. While working with Aflac, I have held several positions including State Training Coordinator for NC, SC, and Florida, District Sales Coordinator in NC, SC, and Florida and Training Manager at Aflac’s World Wide Headquarters in Columbus, Ga.

I began shag dancing with my Twin Sister, Brenda, in Statesville, NC in 1996. While in Statesville I was a member of several shag clubs, and I held numerous positions within the Statesville Shag Club including Secretary, Vice President. I also chaired Entertainment/Decorating and Ways and Means committees.  In September of 2001, I won the Rookies Revenge Contest during SOS with Larry Davis.

I have been a member of the OD Shag club for 7 years. I am Vice-President of the ODSC. In 2015, I was elected to the 2016 Executive Board.  I was the Entertainment/Decorating Co-Chair for 2 years (2011-2012), Co- Chaired the Vacation Giveaway Fundraiser 2013 and Chaired the 2014 Golf Cart Fundraiser. In 2012, Lou Martino and I founded the ODSC Dance Demo Team that now has grown to over 30 members. We demonstrate the shag to nursing homes/assisted living homes in the community, conventions, weddings and just about anywhere we can showcase the dance. I have volunteered for many of the events of The ODSC including participating in parades, golf tournament, ways and means, and serving at the Brunches and our parties etc.

I do love to dance but more importantly I love to promote and preserve the dance. I dance at least 2 nights a week at Fat Harold’s. During this time I am either dancing or enjoy talking about my love for the dance, by getting others involved in the dance and our ODSC club. 

As your new President, I ask for your support. I want to continue to strive to continue what our previous Presidents have set before me to be a dancing club that does its best to promote and preserve the Shag whenever and wherever we can. I also want to respect and listen to our membership.

Bill Bacon – Vice President

Nominations for Vice President

Bill Bacon

When I was growing up in Whitevillle my parents would sometimes bring my little sister and me to Ocean Drive or Cherry Grove for a day and we would picnic on the beach.

When I was older and could drive, I would try to come down nearly every Friday and Saturday night in the summer to go to Sonny’s Pavilion where Motos is now, and sometimes to the Pad, the Barrel, and the Pavilion at Ocean Drive. Back then the area would just about shut down from Labor Day until Easter. I remember asking my Mother “Why can’t we move here?” and she told me that it was because Daddy’s job wasn’t here!

But even back then, before Ocean Drive joined Cherry Grove, Crescent Beach, and Windy Hill to form North Myrtle Beach, I knew that I would live here one day and now I do! Back then it was the beach, the Pavilion, rides and games that made it special. Now it is our friends, neighbors and the O.D. Shag Club members that make O.D. and North Myrtle Beach special. My wife, Joan and I bought a condo in Cherry Grove in 1999. We sold that and in 200~ built the house we live in now.

We joined the o. D. Shag Club shortly thereafter and have been members ever since!

I have been on the Board of the O.D. Shag Club for a two year stint and have helped with many other endeavors including the Oyster Roast and other dinners and events. I was co-chairman of the Clean Sweep Committee, chairman of the Cruise to Nowhere and chairman of the Bus to Somewhere Committees to name a few things I have helped with. Of course, I probably couldn’t have done as much without the help and support of my beautiful wife, Joan!

Thank you for your vote and support for Vice President of the O.D. Shag Club. I hope to help keep the O.D. Shag Club a vibrant club that serves its members and community!

Donna Williams – Secretary

Nominations for Secretary

Donna Williams

Hello everyone. I am Donna Williams and I am running for the Secretary position for 2018. My husband Burnie and I live in Waterfall in Little River. I am a South Carolina Realtor who loves and sells the North end of the Strand as well as being an onsite rep in Waterfall. The dance and the opportunity of the dance lifestyle is what brought us to this area full time in 2011 originally from VA by way of Ft Myers Fl. My career included running the business office and admission office of 2 medical facilities in Charlottesville VA and then 27 years there with the Social Security Office as an instructor, a claims specialist and retiring as a claims expert. I spent 5 years as a Re/Max agent in Fort Myers before moving to this area.

“All she wants to do is dance” is my passion. I have been a dancer as long as I can remember. Having 2 grandmothers who were champion dancers I grew up with music and the love of the dance in my soul. The dance is also what brought Burnie and I together in 2004. I have been a member of the Lynchburg VA Shag club, the Colonial Shag club and/or the OD shag club at different times since 2003. While living in Ft Myers, Burnie and I taught weekly shag classes for 18 months. At the end of the 18 months we were teaching 4 classes each week as the classes graduated to different levels. I was also teaching line dance classes during part of that time.

As an OD Shag club member, I have been working with Ways & Means, sold golf cart tickets, and am a member of the demo dance team. As members of the dance team, we do all that we can to promote the OD Shag club, the dance and the lifestyle.  We dance most Wednesdays and Fridays at Fat Harold’s and make it a point to be ambassadors of the club to the many visitors that we meet. I am also beginning a 3rd 2 year term as a board member of the Waterfall Property Owners Association serving as Secretary/Treasurer. As the Secretary of the OD Shag Club, I hope to be able to serve the needs of the club and its members and to add to my ability to promote the club and preserve the dance and the wonderful lifestyle.

 Your vote will be greatly appreciated


Vickie Parson – Treasurer

Nominations for Treasurer

Vickie Parsons

OD Shag Club Members – My name is Vickie Parsons, and it is with great pleasure that I announce my opportunity to run for a 2nd term as Treasurer of the OD Shag Club.

I’m currently a resident of Shallotte, NC after relocating from Asheboro, NC in 1984.  I’m fortunate to work for the Dunes Club in Myrtle Beach as their Administrative/Accounting Assistant, and just celebrated my 21st year of employment.

I have been a member of the OD Shag Club for 13 years. In my earlier years, I served on the Entertainment Committee and Membership Hospitality Committee.  Also, when member information was not available through our own wonderful website, I was responsible for the actual mailing to over 700 members the monthly newsletter.  This was not entirely a one-person job, and was accomplished with the combined help of Phil and Mimi Benedict and Paul and Vickie Harrison. I served on the 2016 SOS Spring Safari Parade committee, volunteered my time where needed, but most importantly, I am currently serving as your 2017 Treasurer. I have been fortunate this year to work with some amazing people who are dedicated to serve on our OD Shag Club Board and its Committees.  Kudos to all their efforts!

Music and dance have been a passion of mine since a very young age.  As a young person, my beach/shagging fun was experienced in Carolina/Kure Beach and not until 1998 did I experience the wonderful shagging life in N. Myrtle Beach and the OD Shag Club.

If given the opportunity, I will gladly serve as your Treasurer for a 2nd term with honor and integrity and continue to preserve with everyone else the dance we all love “The Shag”

John Setzer – Board Member

Nominations for Board Member

John Setzer


Hi, my name is John Setzer.  After retiring from CVS/Caremark Pharmacy with over 30 years of service I moved to North Myrtle Beach with my wife Lori Setzer in 2015.  While living in Lewisville, NC, I was an active member of the Greater Triad Shag Club from 2008 – 2016 helping with the Ways and Means Committee and attending the ASCS meeting in Jacksonville, FL in 2012.  I also served on the Board 2012 – 2013.  I joined the ODSC in 2014 and have been active in helping sell ODSC merchandise and golf cart tickets during SOS and other events. Along with my wife, I have been a member of the ODSC Dance Team since 2016 where we have enjoyed showcasing the dance to others.  I also helped build the SOS Parade float 2017 and participated in the dance troupe for the parade.

Before retiring, I had the privilege of holding numerous leadership roles in pharmacy:

  • Active in local, state and national professional associations
  • Founding member of the Northwest Pharmacist Association 1985 – present
    • Held offices of Treasurer 1988 and President 1991
  • Convention Chair for NC Pharmacist Association 1991
  • UNC Pharmacy Alumni Board Member 1996 -2001
    • Served as President Elect 1999, President 2000, Past President 2001
  • Member of The UNC Pharmacy Foundation 2000 – 2005
  • Preceptor for UNC and Campbell Schools of Pharmacy

Our love of the music and dance brought us here.  My wife and I regularly dance and love to help others as they begin shagging.   I would like to serve as a member of the Board to help give back to the club and support the dance we all love. Your vote would be greatly appreciated.

Nancy Sook – Board Member

Nominations for Board Member

Nancy Sook

Hi ODSC members. My name is Nancy Sook and I have been nominated to run for the Board. Currently, I hold the office of Secretary for the ODSC. For the past 10 years, I have been a member of the ODSC, and for most of those years, I have sold 50/50 tickets. For 2 years, I co-chaired the Entertainment and Decorating Committee with Linda Campbell. I have sold raffle tickets, worked in the general store, been in parades, helped at Junior SOS, helped to serve food and danced on the Demo Team. For 10 years I have been a member of the Rock”N”ettes, leader for the past 7. I have been president of the Myrtle Beach Duplicate Bridge Club, served on the board for years and am currently VP, Treasurer of my Ladies Golf Association until my bad knee forced me to give up golf, Secretary for my Ladies church group, and make blankets and chemo hats for the Children’s Hospital in Charlotte. I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.

20170805 Bus To Somewhere

Bus Trip to Shallotte Shag Club


Terry McCoy

Click Here to see Photos of this event

The bus trip to Coastal shag club was a huge success. We had 54 members of the bus and more members met us their.The members brought great appetizers and liquid refreshments for the trip their. Coastal did a great job preparing for us.Thay had door greeters two tables of food two d.js making for a great party. Coastal really made  us feel welcome.  I think everyone had a real good time thanks for attending this great event.

Photos by Lou Martino

20170729 Charity Fun Run

Charity Fun Run


Billy Powell

Click Here to see Photos of this event

The annual Charity Fun Run was held on July 29th.  Even though it was raining at our first stop, the rain stopped before we left to travel to our second stop.  The weather cooperated for the rest of the day, so if you let the rain scare you off, you missed a great time.  We traveled from the OD Arcade to Castaways on to 710 Bowling Alley, next step Deckerz and our last stop was our home club, Fat Harold’s.  All locations did a great job and a lot of fun was had at each stop.  It seems that “a lot”….was the word of the day as we had “a lot of beverages consumed”, “a lot of 50/50 tickets sold”, and “a lot of raffle prizes” were given to the participants.

There were quite a few prizes given away this year.  We had over 60 raffle prizes, lst place, 2nd place, 3 winners for smallest point total and the 50/50 winner.  Thanks to everyone who participated in some way and many, many thanks to everyone who worked on the event!

The most important part of our day is that our charity for the event was the big winner.  Our designated charity for this event was one that fits right in with our goal as a shag club.  Our stated purpose is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the shag dance and what better way to do this than supporting a group that has won national dance competitions and was invited this year to participate in national and international competitions….. the Junior Shagger Dance Team. 

Many thanks again to everyone who worked this event.  Without these people volunteering to work, this event would not occur.  Special thanks to Donnie Schultz, Wendy Schultz and Monica Powell, our chairpersons for this event.  They worked really hard behind the scenes to make sure that you had a good time and everything went without a hitch.

Next year, don’t let anything stand in your way of enjoying the comraderies and fun of this event!  As a reminder, this is a rain or shine event.  No matter the weather, the ODSC always has a great time!

Photos by Lou Martino

Letter From the President 20170801

I do hope everyone is having a great summer.  Wow!  July has been a very busy month!  The ODSC had thirteen people attend the ACSC Summer Workshop in Concord, NC, hosted by Lake Norman Shag Club.  We also hosted the Jr SOS Brunch the following weekend and served about 250 people.  Thank you to all you who prepared casseroles, brought fruit and sweets and helped serve.  At the Brunch we presented Jr SOS with a check in the amount of $1,500.   Great Job ODSC!!!

We were at it once again the following Saturday, July 29th with our Annual Charity Fun Run.  Even though the weather looked threatening, we had a great turn out for the fun event.  Thank you to everyone who worked hard to put it together and participate at each stop to help make this a great success!

August Board meeting will be held August 1 at 6:00pm.  Also this month’s SASS class will be the 15th at 6:00pm at the backroom of Fat Harolds.  We have a “Bus to Somewhere” on August 5th and don’t forget about the Nomination’s Party on August 19th at Fat Harolds.  Come out and support the club and see who your nominations